Yangaroo Retreat

Funnel Bay, Queensland, 2020

Yangaroo is a private retreat venue located at Funnel Bay and located between Flame Tree Creek and the Coral Sea. The centre of the retreat is a series of self-contained houses sited around a central parkland and along the beach esplanade. With the exception of the northern beach aspect, the retreat is surrounded by a tidal estuarine environment that supports remnant stands of littoral rainforest and mangrove habitat.

Tropical gardens feature within the retreat. Guest facilities include barbeques and outdoor dining areas. Beyond the manicured gardens of the retreat, the design approach has been to restore the remnant plant communities along the estuarine corridor and mangrove edge. It is hoped that this area will become an ecological tourist destination for visitors and residents. A combination of restoration and beautification initiatives will repair the degraded remnant riparian and marine vegetation. A walking track along the retreats outer boundary provides visitors access along the creek to the beach esplanade. It is hoped that a future development will construct a walking track from Funnel Bay to Airlie beach.

Landscape Design team: Stuart Bull Sod Landscaping

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