Lemon Myrtle Farm

Wyrallah, New South Wales, 2020

This previous 40 hectare cattle property is to be developed as an organic lemon myrtle plantation. The key objectives of this project were to maximise lemon myrtle biomass production, protect and enhance the farms biodiversity, maximise water capture and soil water retention, increase soil fertility and safeguard the farm’s natural resources.

NSF contour planning guided the design process. Three planning zones were identified and included a production zone, a buffer zone (15metre buffer boundary planting, windbreaks, the Hoop Pine forest) and a filtration zone integrating the riparian corridor and flood plain.

Design features included planting lemon myrtle along the contour, regenerating the Hoop Pine forest, connecting the boundary buffer planting, windbreaks and Hoop Pine forest, repair and improvement of the existing dams and the preservation of the flood plain as a hay paddock. Environmental benefits included increased wildlife habitat and biodiversity, improved water quality, resetting the landscapes hydrology, greater water holding capacity of the soil and increased soil carbon capture.

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