Fig Tree Farm

Whian Whian, New South Wales, 2019

The Fig Tree Macadamia Farm wetland project was funded by the North Coast Local Land Services and hosted by the Whian Whian Landcare Group. The key design objectives were to improve the water quality leaving the property via drainage flowlines, to trap and retrieve sediment washed from under macadamia trees during large rain events, to provide habitat for beneficial insects, micro bats and birds, to increase the soil’s capacity to increase water retention and improve the aesthetic value of the property.

The project was underscored by Natural Sequence Farming design principles which designed a series of ponds positioned at the intersection of two drainage flow lines. Four ponds were constructed with the finished levels of the weirs positioned at varying heights to allow multiple flow paths to dissipate and de-energise the flood waters during large rain events. The second and third ponds were designated as deep water ponds dedicated to providing open water for birds and micro-bats. The first and fourth ponds were intentionally left shallow to de-energise the water (first pond) allowing aquatic plants to colonise the water surface which will reduce evapotranspiration and create additional bird habitat.

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